Defining Moment #2

It was several years after the purchase of my first wheel when I realized most wheels perform better with regular maintenance. If my car needs maintenance or is not running properly I can take it to a mechanic. But when it comes to my wheel I am the mechanic.

My spinning also improved, when I finally took the time to learn how my wheel worked; when I understood:

  • The relationship between my brake band tension and take up onto the bobbin.
  • How my draft length and ratios related to the twist per inch in my yarn.
  • That attention needs to be paid to drive band tension. My first wheel was a Lendrum, I did not realize for the longest time that it was difficult to treadle because I had too much tension on the drive band. Once I got it adjusted correctly, spinning was a breeze and I felt like I was spinning on an entirely different wheel.

Manufacturer’s websites are a great resource for finding info on your particular wheel.

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