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Spin On My Wheel Today

My current spin is for a shawl. I want to see how this handspun performs in fabric form before I start spinning for an all-over patterned sweater. This skein was spun from a white, beautifully prepared commercial sliver (purchased from Crafty Jaks). I will spin another 100 gram skein today and then pop both skeins into a scouring pot. Then I will be all set and can start dyeing once I decide upon the colours. The Shetland handspun shown here measures out at 1,428 ypp and 22 wpi before scouring.

2 thoughts on “Spin On My Wheel Today”

    1. This handspun Shetland has a truly lovely hand. I added a bit more twist added than normal. I will be swatching soon. Then I will know if I am on the right track or not for my next sweater……an all-over (Fairisle) pattern.
      A very Merry Christmas to you as well Heather! All the best!

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