The information below is a glimpse some of the lectures and workshops slated for 2023.

Working from Fleece : Surrey, B.C. : April 22 (Zoom) & June 17 (in-person)

Two stunning fleeces have been selected for this workshop; a chocolate brown Corriedale and a natural white Polworth. On April 22 we meet via Zoom to answer any questions you may have before you scour using the methods explained in your notes.

On June 17 you will spend the morning learning how to use your fibre preparation equipment efficiently and effectively. Then in the afternoon, we will tweak your spinning style so you can create beautiful, consistent handspun yarn. For further information please message me via the Contact form.

Spinning Wool/Silk Blends : School of SweetGeoriga (SOS) : Vancouver, B.C. : April – June (in-person)

Meeting once a month, over a three-month period, means you have time to practice what you learn between sessions. As well as helping you to improve your spinning skills this workshop will teach you how to prepare silk blends using the fibre preparation equipment you own. Students will work with handpainted Corriedale and a variety of silk fibres. To register for this workshop contact SweetGeorgia Yarns or call (604)569-6811

Flights of Fancy: Tea and Silk : Sanjo Silk Spinning Workshop : Sunday, May 28 (Zoom)

Be prepared for your senses to be awakened. Partnering with ŌFIVE TEA we have put together a tasty flight of three different teas for you to enjoy while you spin silk from Japan, India and China. You will be working with:

  • lustrous snow-white Mawata (Japan) 
  • Eri silk with a soft cashmere-like hand and a soft pearlescent glow (India)
  • Peduncle Tasar silk with a metallic sheen reminiscent of oil-rubbed bronze (India)
  • Tasar silk, a fibre at Sanjo Silks, which when spun looks like gold thread (India)
  • smooth A-1 Bombyx with a glass-like lustre (China)
  • soft golden Tussah silk (China) and
  • a beautifully soft cashmere/silk blend (China)

Registration for this workshop is through Eventbrite and will be posted on their website in January.–vancouver/events/

Crafternoon : School of SweetGeorgia (SOS) : Vancouver, B.C. : August 16 (Zoom)

In August I have the pleasure of hosting an SOS Crafternoon meet-up. If your passion is spinning, this is a great opportunity to ask questions or get advice on spinning and fibre prep.