Colour Unveiled – Nature dyeing

Preparing dye liquor, petals only.

Preparing dye liquor, petals only.

This workshop explores the cornucopia of colour available from natural dyestuffs. Students use some historically significant and traditional nature dyes as well as dyes coaxed from plants found a little closer to home….in gardens, along seashores and lakesides, wide open fields, forest glens and other locales. There is something to be said for working to the rhythm of nature. Using flowers, seeds, roots, wood chips, bark and leaves as they come into season gives us access to rich, complex colours not possible if these plant materials were frozen or dried.

Kim helps to demystify the process of nature dyeing and teaches the basics of effective, sustainable, safe, eco-friendly mordanting and nature dyeing practices.


Aran knits captivate the eye, begging you to follow as they meander along the fabric’s surface. Working with Blue faced Leicester (BFL) roving students learn how to construct yarns that show off richly textured stitches in Aran patterns.Kim will show you how to avoid spinning BFL into a multi-ply yarn that feels like rope. You will learn techniques to help maintain this breed’s incredible lustre and soft silky hand while spinning for a strong, functional multi-ply yarn. Kim will also help you to improve your plying skills; something often ignored as we head towards the finish line to get the yarn off our wheel and into our hands

Lace Odyssey

Knitted Lace

Knitted Lace

Beautiful lace fabrics can be knit from singles, 2 ply or multi-ply yarns. The character of the fabric is dependent upon the spinner’s choice of: fibre/sheep breed; fibre preparation (carded or combed); draft twist (woollen, worsted or variation); ply twist; number of plies and yarn finishing technique.

The sheep breeds whose fleece will be gliding through your fingers over the course of this workshop include: Blue faced Leicester, Falkland, Merino and Organic Polworth. We will be working with roving, rather than fleece, so you can get some serious spinning in over our short time together. Each roving is different and beautiful in its own right……sure to delight the senses and help you to spin and knit “the lace that launches a thousand ships”.

Lustrous Bombyx and Scintillating ‘Wild’ Silk

Handspun Bluefaced Leicester/bleached tussah blend.

Silk Blend Handspun

This workshop explores both mulberry and non-mulberry spinning fibres.

Kim will guide you as you spin Bombyx, Muga, Eri and Tussah silks and their blends, helping you to understand the adjustments needed to both your wheel and spinning method to successfully spin beautiful Bombyx and wild silk singles. We will also cover blending, plying and finishing techniques.