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Knit City Canada

Virtual Fibre Event, October 2020

This October Knit City is hosting a virtual fibre event. Affordable 2-hour workshops will be offered in webinar format, via the Zoom platform. Information regarding this year’s line up of workshops and instructors as well as registration details may be found through their website

Registration for workshops opens Friday, September 25th at 9 am PDT.

Sanjo Silk Workshops

September 12 & 19, I taught two virtual spinning workshops for Sanjo Silk

In the first workshop students had the pleasure of working with Muga and Peduncle Tasar; two exquisite fibres sourced by Sanjo Silk . Although these two silkworms are of the same genus, their fibre could not be more different. The Muga silk we worked with was rich, lustrous and a beautiful gold colour. The Peduncle Tasar sliver was a blend of the dark grey-brown colour from the Peduncle (stem) mixed with the lighter tawny beige-coloured cocoon filaments. Once spun the Peduncle Tasar yarn threw a soft metallic sheen reminiscent of aged bronze. Stunning!

The two slivers presented in the second workshop were a Red Eri fibre and a sliver comprised of 65% Bombyx and 35% Camel. Eri and Bombyx silkworms are both fully domesticated species and their fine lustrous silk filaments work beautifully in blends. Both Eri and Bombyx have strains in their species that produce coloured cocoons. The Eri we spun was a golden orange-red colour and the Bombyx in our silk/camel blend was a pure clean warm white. The fibre’s lustre is notably different between these species. The Bombyx filaments in our blend had a brilliant, vitreous in nature, lustre. The Eri silk we spun, on the other hand, threw a softer pearl-like sheen and seemed to glow from within.

The next workshops offered through Sanjo Silk will take place early December.

Here are a few photos of some of the fibres mentioned above.

Cheers, Kim

Red Eri

Peduncle Tasar Fibre
Top to Bottom: Peduncle Tasar, Red Eri and Muga Handspun
Weft: Accents of handspun, bronze-coloured Peduncle Tasar against a hand-dyed teal coloured commercial cashmere/silk blend.

Dizzing & Planking

Photo courtesy of Spin Off Magazine.

If you enjoy hand woolcombing and your own fibre preparation you might like to check this out. This morning Spin Off magazine released a web post along with a short video demonstrating how I diz. If you are curious about planking as well as some of the finer points of woolcombing, all is explained in detail in Spin Off’s Fall 2020 edition.


July 16, 2020

On my needles today is some beautiful Grey Shetland handspun. The fibre was purchased from Crafty Jaks. Singles were spun with a backward worsted draft twist. This 2-ply Shetland handspun is perfect for a warm, yet lightweight sweater. The knitted fabric has a nice hand, not at all scratchy, and beautiful drape.

Grey Shetland