Tips for Spinning Rolags

Here are a few tips if like me, you like the look and hand of handspun yarn spun from a rolag fibre preparation and a backward worsted spinning draft. Please note the following pointers are if you are spinning for a smooth, consistent yarn. Fibre Preparation When creating rolags on… Read More »Tips for Spinning Rolags

Taking the Pressure Off

This is my setup to help minimize the tug or strain on fine single strands of yarn while transferring them from a spinning wheel bobbin to a secondary bobbin for plying. The spinning wheel’s bobbin is placed on a kate (bottom left). The singles yarn is brought up and around… Read More »Taking the Pressure Off

Entre Soeurs & Laine

On my needles tonight is a heartfelt project for my sister who lives in Calgary. Brrrr!!! Kathi expressed the wish for a headband to keep her ears warm on winter walks through Fish Creek Park. Ever eager to help, I checked out my stash before she could change her mind.… Read More »Entre Soeurs & Laine


A friend recently asked me how and why I rewound commercial balls of wool with a nostepinne. HOW: First, I wrap a bit of the yarn around a stone or something else that gives a bit of weight to the end of the outer strand. The photo above shows my… Read More »Nostepinne

On my Needles

I am down to the last strokes. The body is now knit and I have almost finished the first sleeve of this top-down stranded knit sweater. The pattern is “Agnes” by Kirstin Wiola Ødegård. I have knit lots of stranded knit mitts over the years but this is only the… Read More »On my Needles

What is a Tussie Mussie?

In my world a Tussie Mussie is a fibre preparation method I developed for Eri silk sliver. No special equipment is required, just my hands. At first glance you would think a Tussie Mussie would result in an awful tangled mess. Surprisingly it doesn’t. Instead it helps you to keep… Read More »What is a Tussie Mussie?

Stranded Knitting

I have taken a deep dive into stranded knitting lately. It is how I get my “colour fix”, since I am no longer dyeing my own yarns. Until now I had been keeping one colour on one side of me and the other colour on the other side. Then every… Read More »Stranded Knitting

Spinning, Where to Start

This post is precipitated by a higher than normal number of inquiries over the past few months from people interested in learning to spin. So, for others out there who are wondering where to start, how to find an instructor, what equipment you will need in the beginning, etc. this… Read More »Spinning, Where to Start