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Floating Selvedge

One of my piques, when working with floating selvedges and a 2-ply wet spun line linen on a recent project was that the floating selvedge thread twirled around as it dangled off the back beam. This undid the ply twist and without the ply twist the linen was more susceptible… Read More »Floating Selvedge

Eri Silk, Part III

As mentioned in Part II, my hands get quite warm and sometimes moist when I spin silk. Not a good combination at all. As the silk starts to stick to my hands, the fibre source becomes disheveled causing the fibre to draft poorly. Several years ago, I decided to see… Read More »Eri Silk, Part III

Eri Silk, Part II

HYDRATING ERI SLIVER The night prior to preparing rolags, I place a length of sliver in a baggie along with a damp cotton ball, which has been gently squeezed to prevent dripping. After tucking the damp cotton ball into a corner of the baggie away from the sliver, the baggie is… Read More »Eri Silk, Part II

Eri Silk, Part I

The handspun textural accents in this scarf were spindle spun from hand-painted eri sliver.  The fibre preparation had a silky soft hand and a satiny sheen. Quite a contrast to my first experience spinning eri fibre from India in the early 1980’s. At that time, the traditional degumming process subjected… Read More »Eri Silk, Part I


I recently purchased a new nøstepinne designed and turned by woodturner, Ed Pretty. The nøstepinne is both exquisite and thoughtfully designed. Here are a few answers to some questions you may have. WHAT is a Nøstepinne? A nøstepinne is a tool used to wind yarn into a center-pull ball. Unlike… Read More »NØSTEPINNE

Spin a Hand-dyed Braid 5 Ways

This course is now live on the School of SweetGeorgia website. See my “Workshops” page for SOS coupon codes. Each of these skeins was spun from SOS’s Beachside Brunch colourway. Left to right are a Gradient, Fractal, and Rill and Marled yarn. The Marled yarn incorporates a natural white as… Read More »Spin a Hand-dyed Braid 5 Ways

School of SweetGeorgia (SOS)

The SOS has released two free tutorials which you may be interested in. One, “Fractal Preparation with a Diz and a Hand Card”, reviews my technique for creating fractal yarns from handpainted braids. The other tutorial, “Dizzing Fibre off a Hand Carder”, demonstrates my technique for doffing fibre from a… Read More »School of SweetGeorgia (SOS)

Spin A Hand-dyed Braid 5 Ways

February 15, 2024 the School of SweetGeorgia launches my new course, “Spin a Hand-dyed Braid 5 Ways. In this course I demonstrate how you can achieve five distinct colour effects in your 2-ply handspun from a single colourway. I will also be demonstrating how I use my equipment in non-traditional… Read More »Spin A Hand-dyed Braid 5 Ways

Photo Gallery and Workshops

Some photos of recent works have been posted to my photo gallery. You will also find an updated list of all 2024 workshops as well as a retreat in August on Salt Spring Island. Below is a photo of six different colour effects spun from one Sweet Georgia Yarns colourway,… Read More »Photo Gallery and Workshops