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Defining Moment #1

Last weekend marked the last of 2020’s line up of spinning workshops. What a great group of people I have had the good fortune to work with over the past year….talented, inquisitive, creative, adventurous and hardworking. One of the things that kept percolating to the top of my mind as I worked with these wonderful souls was my own defining moments as a spinner…..those things that have made me a better spinner over the years. I’ll be sharing a few of those moments over the coming months. Here is one I am sure many experienced spinners can relate to…..

  • When I stopped criticizing/picking apart my spinning skills; believing I should not waste quality fibres until I was “good enough”. At some point it finally dawned on me that even if I became a better spinner, it would not show through, if I used crappy fibre to start with.

2 thoughts on “Defining Moment #1”

  1. Your bucket of yarn makes my heart sing. I look forward to the day I swoon over my own yarn as much as I swoon over yours. Thank you for planning to share your defining moments. I look forward to learning about your “ah ha” moments and reflecting on my own.

    1. Very kind. Thanks Marjorie. Thanks too for letting me know sharing my “Defining Moments” is worth continuing. I felt it would give some spinners pause; help them to think about what, why and how they do things.

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