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What is a Tussie Mussie?

In my world a Tussie Mussie is a fibre preparation method I developed for Eri silk sliver. No special equipment is required, just my hands.

At first glance you would think a Tussie Mussie would result in an awful tangled mess. Surprisingly it doesn’t. Instead it helps you to keep eri’s slick gossamer fibres in check which helps you to spin a fine, smooth silk yarn. Tussie Mussies are a great prep for taking to the wheel, a drop spindle or a supported spindle. If you love eri silk and are looking for a way to tame those slippery fibres, check out Spin-Off’s Winter 2023 Issue (page 72) for details.

Victorian Tussie Mussie (left)
Eri Tussie Mussie (right)

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