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Stranded Knitting

I have taken a deep dive into stranded knitting lately. It is how I get my “colour fix”, since I am no longer dyeing my own yarns.

Until now I had been keeping one colour on one side of me and the other colour on the other side. Then every 10 rounds or so I stop to untwist the strands. Not now though. Quite by accident I found a way to keep the two strands from twisting around one another while I knit. First, I wind the yarn using a nøstepinne to make two centre pull balls. The balls are placed in a container which if kept directly in front of me while knitting prevents the strands from twisting around one another. I dare not say how many hours of stranded knitting there has been before the discovery. But, as they say, better late than never.

Knitting Bag by Mindfulness Makes

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