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SOS – Spin-In Clinic Video Released

Below is the description of the newest video filmed with the team at the School of SweetGeorgia. If you are a SOS member, be sure to check it out…..

“You may be just starting your spinning journey or maybe you have a few years of spinning under your belt, but feel a bit stuck in your progress. The Spin-In Clinic course with Kim McKenna is an opportunity to experience what it’s like to have a trusted mentor at your side, guiding you into your next spinning step.

First, we have Deanna, who joined her local guild not too long ago and has some experience with spindles. She’s been looking forward to learning to spin on a wheel for the first time.

Then we have Rachael. She started spinning one year ago and has taken advantage of the in-studio wheels to practice her skills. Rachael can spin a continuous yarn and understands how the wheel and whorl ratios work. She has yet to explore how adjustments to her wheel, different fibre preps, and changing her spinning draft affect the characteristics of her handspun.

And finally, we have Charlotte, our own SOS crochet instructor. She’s known in the studio for being a very fast spinner of fine, woollen-spun yarns. She most often spins fibre prepared on a drum carder and spins her yarn using a supported long draw.

Kim works with these three spinners to guide them to the next level in their spinning journey. The exercises in the workbook were prepared to help you explore your hand spinning, as shown in the course. If you are new to spinning, we recommend you check out the Fundamental Spinning Courses.

Throughout the videos, you’ll learn:

  • Worsted & woollen drafts
  • Improving consistency
  • Fibre preparations
  • Drafting triangles
  • Thicker & thinner singles
  • Wheel adjustments and more!

You’ll find your workbook and a list of materials needed (like SweetGeorgia fibre) in the first lesson.”

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