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Entre Soeurs & Laine

On my needles tonight is a heartfelt project for my sister who lives in Calgary. Brrrr!!!

Kathi expressed the wish for a headband to keep her ears warm on winter walks through Fish Creek Park. Ever eager to help, I checked out my stash before she could change her mind. A quick rummage through a few bins brought to light an expertly hand-dyed skein from Entre Soeurs & Laine (purchased at KnitCity Vancouver 2022).

The colourway, Coulis de Frambriose, is a rich complex mix of colours ranging from vibrant magentas to burnt roses. The dyer has worked colours which meld seamlessly into one another. This is one of those colourways you wish you could eat and that keeps the eye titillated as you knit.

The skein is 70% Merino : 20% Cashmere : 10% nylon. As I knit this blend is proving to be lovely, soft and cozy. The fabric is soft, drapey and incredibly lustrous.

Stay tuned….for the finished product. Cheers, Kim

4 thoughts on “Entre Soeurs & Laine”

  1. Such a timely post! I nearly forgot that lovely yarn – I bought some too. Will indeed make a delicious warm gift. Thanks for the reminder about it.

    1. Not only are their colours stunning. I love the size of their skeins – 115g. So far, I have used 23 grams. I will be knitting one of your half-mitt designs with the remainder. Should make for a lovely set! I know I have said it before, but I love how elegantly your pattern works the thumb into the mitten. It is truly a thing of beauty!!!

  2. I agree Kim, I love Diana’s half mitt patterns, especially the thumb. I am just finishing a second pair of mitts with some merino/silk I spun awhile back.

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