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Spinning tip…

Taking the pressure off….

In workshops I often observe students who attach the end of the singles to a piece of velcro while they take a pause in their spinning. This more often than not makes a bit of a mess in their singles and causes a “fluffy” spot. In my own practice, I pinch off the twist where I left off and then carefully wind the end of the singles around a post on my wheel. I give my length of the singles a little extra distance so I can allow some of the singles to ply back on itself. This removes the pressure/tug the singles exerts on the short length wound around the post. Being mindful in how I arrange/leave the singles while I pause to prepare more fibre or grab a cup of tea makes for a nicer, more even singles. It also avoids my returning to a wheel with a length of untwisted singles dangling from the orifice. Such a small thing, but it does make a difference to my handspun.

7 thoughts on “Spinning tip…”

  1. An excellent tip Kim. I will add the extra length next time. I appreciate all these little tips you post. Now I have to remember to do them!! Mary

    1. To me, “pinch off twist” means that I do not release my hold on the make of yarn (the strand of yarn I have just spun). The yarn is pinched (held firmly) where I left off, so that none of the twist works its way down into the unspun fibre, before I wind the yarn around the post. Hope this helps! Cheers, Kim

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