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Spin Off, Winter 2021

When processed sliver or roving is packed up for storage or transport it can sometimes loose a bit of its character. My article in Spin Off’s Winter 2021 issue explains how I rejuvenate loft and crimp. The resulting rejuvenated sliver or roving feels and behaves more like my own handcombed sliver. The fibre responds better to my touch and makes for a more enjoyable spin.

2 thoughts on “Spin Off, Winter 2021”

  1. I’ve just read your article in spinoff and this may help my dilemma. I have a beautiful finn lambswool fleece which i intend to combine with coloured finn tops. The cleaned lambs wool is now soft and lofty from combing whereas the tops feel a bit hard from their long trip thru the post. I was wondering how they would combine in one project. I’ll give the tops a gentle bath and see how it goes. Thankyou.

    1. Hi Joanne, Thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in the article I have had excellent results rejuvenating fibre using this method. Do make sure to sample a small amount first. If you like the results and decide to do a larger lot remember Finn felts very easily. Water temperature, gentle and minimal handing as well as spreading the sliver out on the towel (so there is no water weighted fibre on top of the strand) will help. And don’t be tempted to put a towel on top of the Finn when you spread it out as the weight of the towel alone, even before it soaks up water from the Finn, may felt the fibre. Let me know how you get along. Cheers, Kim

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