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Who woulda thunk it?

Spinners are such a creative, innovative, curious and inspiring group. Two ladies who made me stop and take stock recently are Diana Twiss, of 100-mile wear and Rachel Smith of Welford Purls.


Diana recently got all fired up about Debbie Held’s article in PLY magazine on using crêpe yarns for socks.  And Rachel has been passionately experimenting with the oppositional ply and Hawser yarn techniques presented in Sarah Anderson’s book, The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Design.


Mea culpa Diana and Rachel, but my initial thoughts were:

  • Hmmmm….nice novelty yarns.
  • I’ve seen them before.
  • A lot of fuss about something that is not really that functional.
  • Pretty, but what can you make with it?


Boy, was I wrong. When I held their skeins of yarn in my own two hands, I was gob smacked and thought “Oh my goodness, the possibilities…..”


Check out Diana Twiss at and Rachel Smith’s Wool ‘n Spinning blog and her youtube podcast episode #111.


Thank you to all fibre artists who allow us to light our flame in their candles. And a special thank you to Diana and Rachel for sharing their talents, insights and passion.


Cheers, Kim

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