Skillful Dizzing, Defining Moment #7

When I first began woolcombing I did not appreciate how much the act of dizzing would improve my spinning skills. Not only did dizzing reveal the best draft length for the fibre at hand, learning to draft out a consistent tape of fibre trained my hands in how to work with the fibre. I learned how to work more efficiently and became more proficient. My sliver became more consistent in density, with very few thick and thin spots. And as my grist of sliver became more consistent, my spinning too improved in consistency of grist. So no wonder the more skillful I became at dizzing, the better my spinning became.

1 thought on “Skillful Dizzing, Defining Moment #7”

  1. Very excited as my new dizzes arrived and I hope hope hope that I can carve some time out and get back to my combs and wheel.

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