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A friend recently asked me how and why I rewound commercial balls of wool with a nostepinne.

HOW: First, I wrap a bit of the yarn around a stone or something else that gives a bit of weight to the end of the outer strand. The photo above shows my weight, a small wooden block used for surface design. Next, I wind a few yards of yarn from the inside of the commercial ball onto the nostepinne. The wooden block wound with yarn is then placed into the bottom of a canvas bag with the commercial ball placed on top. After cinching the bag I begin to wind the yarn onto the nostepinne. The nostepinne helps to create an organized centre pull ball that unwinds with minimal tangling.


  1. The strands from a nostepinne centre pull ball unwind in a more seemly manner and they don’t tangle up nearly as much while knitting as they do from a commercially wound ball.
  2. I get to see what I will be dealing with; if there are knots or thin or thick spots? Depending upon the length of yarn between knots I may spit join the yarn if the section is short or if I am dealing with longer lengths, I will wind the yarn into two or three balls. Often if the thick or thin spots are too noticeable, I elect to remove the section of undesirable yarn altogether and spit join the remaining strands.
Weight wound with yarn has been placed inside the canvas bag.
After a small nostepinne ball has been wound, the commercial ball is placed in the bag along with the block wound with a bit of yarn.

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