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July 16, 2020

On my needles today is some beautiful Grey Shetland handspun. The fibre was purchased from Crafty Jaks. Singles were spun with a backward worsted draft twist. This 2-ply Shetland handspun is perfect for a warm, yet lightweight sweater. The knitted fabric has a nice hand, not at all scratchy, and beautiful drape.

Grey Shetland


  1. Hi Kim,
    Your spinning and knitting is beautiful. I aspire to reach your expertise. I can virtually feel how lovely the knitted garment feels. You will have to post a photo when you are finished.

  2. I enjoy reading your blogs. It keeps me motivated and curious seeing what others are making and doing.
    Your spinning is art to look at.
    I feel much gratitude for having benefited from your time and expertise.

    Always thank you.
    Heather. 🌸

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