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Forward Worsted Draft Twist

The next three spinning workshops I teach in Kelowna, Victoria and Maple Ridge explore the Forward Worsted Draft Twist. This draft twist technique is often called the inchworm draft and thought of as a technique for beginners when learning to spin. Many use this technique to spin nice strong yarn for warp and socks. But this technique has much more to offer than strength alone. Subtle adjustments to your spinning technique and your wheel can result in a beautiful lightweight yarn with the most incredible drape.

The three photos below are shawls knit from a forward worsted draft twist yarn. The differences in the hand of each shawl is solely the result of breed choice.

The Sidhe Shawl – Dark Finn
Dearg Corra – South American
Féth Fíadha – Gotland “frosted” with Dark Finn


  1. Hi Kim, your hand spun shawls are gorgeous! Wish I could attend your workshop, but maybe you might consider writing a book filled with all your spinning tips included. Now there’s something to dream about! 🙂
    When I am aiming for a lightweight worsted yarn, I always try to incorporate as much air as possible as I spin, almost as if I can see through the fibres before they are twisted. I agree that the Forward Worsted Draft Twist is not just for beginners! 🙂

    • Hello Edith, I don’t see a book in my future. I have had articles published in PLY and Spin-Off Magazines; having submitted articles to them when I feel I have something of value to share.I have two more shawls planned for this series. One in BFL (I am at the lace edging at present) and the other in Shetland (I have just finished spinning the singles). When these two are finished, I will see if there might be an article lurking in there. Thanks Edith!

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