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Floating Selvedge

One of my piques, when working with floating selvedges and a 2-ply wet spun line linen on a recent project was that the floating selvedge thread twirled around as it dangled off the back beam. This undid the ply twist and without the ply twist the linen was more susceptible to breakage. I decided if I wanted to continue weaving with the linen warp for subsequent projects, I needed to sit down and take the time to figure out a solution. As it turns out, the solution was amazingly simple.

Taking inspiration from a bobbin lace class I took several years back, I rested a, blocking board against the back beam at a slight angle. I wound the floating selvedge around a dowel weighted with nuts (as in nuts and bolts) and rested the weighted dowel against the blocking board. Voilà. It was as simple as that. With the dowel resting against the board the floating selvedge no longer twirls around and my ply twist remains in tact.

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