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Bluefaced Leicester (white) and Shetland (nature dyed, natural fawn and natural brown)

This is the fourth in a series of handspun hand knit shawls. Each shawl was spun using the forward worsted draft.

Énbarr is a white horse, owned by the Celtic sea god. Depending upon the source, her name is said to mean frothing, flowing mane or imagination. If you let imagination take you there, you can see the sea foam tripping over itself as it rolls onto the sand coloured shores.

Shorelines. Constantly shifting and changing. Re-shaped by time, the ebb and flow of the ocean and storms weathered.


  1. Beautiful! I have a lovely natural multi coloured Polwarth fleece which I think would be perfect for something like this

    • Hello Christina. You are right! Polworth is a great choice of breed for something like this. It would give you a drape similar to the white BFL I used in the body of the shawl. And in Polworth natural colours along the edge….ohh…la…la. Cheers, Kim

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