Plying Hint

Because the yarn at the beginning and the end of my skeins were never quite as nice as the rest of the yarn, I used to discard the first and last few yards of yarn of each skein. Because I don’t like waste, a few years ago I started to… Read More »Plying Hint

Defining Moment #2

It was several years after the purchase of my first wheel when I realized most wheels perform better with regular maintenance. If my car needs maintenance or is not running properly I can take it to a mechanic. But when it comes to my wheel I am the mechanic. My… Read More »Defining Moment #2

Dizzing & Planking

If you enjoy hand woolcombing and your own fibre preparation you might like to check this out. This morning Spin Off magazine released a web post https://spinoffmagazine.com/diz-tips-the-finer-points-of-wool-combing/ along with a short video demonstrating how I diz. If you are curious about planking as well as some of the finer points… Read More »Dizzing & Planking