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Defining Moments

On my Needles

I am down to the last strokes. The body is now knit and I have almost finished the first sleeve of this top-down stranded knit sweater. The pattern is “Agnes” by Kirstin Wiola Ødegård. I have knit lots of stranded knit mitts over the years but this is only the… Read More »On my Needles

Defining Moment #6

Analyzing and Describing my Handspun Defining Moment #6 was when I took the time to learn how to analyze and describe my yarn in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Quantitative being those things I can measure and qualitative being what I can see or feel. Paying attention to my tpi,… Read More »Defining Moment #6

Defining Moment #5

Fibre Prep: This post is a nod to my friend Marjorie, who nudged me to present this topic sooner rather than later. Yet another defining moment for me was when I realized I did not need to spin from a fibre preparation just the way it came. Many spinners tout… Read More »Defining Moment #5

Defining Moment #4

My ability to spin a consistent yarn took a huge leap forward when I recognized how to change the grist of my yarn without making changes to either the fibre prep or spinning ratio. I could spin a thicker yarn by simply working closer to the orifice and a thinner… Read More »Defining Moment #4

Defining Moment #3

Defining Moments 1 & 2 were things I realized near the beginning of my spinning journey. This defining moment came to me in two parts, many years after I learned to spin. Together they have made a huge impact on my spinning. I most often spin using a continuous backward… Read More »Defining Moment #3

Defining Moment #1

Last weekend marked the last of 2020’s line up of spinning workshops. What a great group of people I have had the good fortune to work with over the past year….talented, inquisitive, creative, adventurous and hardworking. One of the things that kept percolating to the top of my mind as… Read More »Defining Moment #1