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Box of Silk “Chocolate”

Since April I have been nature dyeing spun silk and silk cord for a friend for her artwork.  Here is a photo of what was sent her way last week.  This colour palette was derived from pomegranate, cutch, quebracho, gallnut, symplocos, myrobalan, indigo, mock orange leaves, french lilac leaves and flowers, woodland violet flowers and leaves, deep majestic purple coloured gladiola flowers, pink echinachea, pink yarrow, lavender, dyers coreopsis and red dahlia.  To me this box of silk embroidery thread is more like a box of chocolates…..cause they are all just so yummy.

I love nature dyed silk.  The colours are so rich.

I love nature dyed silk. The colours are so rich.

Later this summer, I will work on a range of purples and reds with logwood, lac and cochineal.  Can hardly wait!


    • Hi Edith. I dyed two commercial yarns…a 20/2 spun silk and a fine silk cord. A friend gave me the yarn to dye. She will use it to embellish her silk fusion art pieces. I love how silk shows off colour….yum.

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